What We Believe

Drapery hardware selection is as important as design and fabric selection – consider both the visible accents and functionality of the hardware

Couture sewing techniques are explained and utilized before glue and other adhesives

Custom does not mean expensive – it means thoughtfully selected and produced for YOUR specific purpose.

Attention to detail is critical – questions will be asked and answers documented and discussed throughout the project

Any effort made to give back to your community is multiplied in gratitude by those who receive

To achieve this goal, a fabric library has been carefully selected and assembled to help clients select the perfect fabric to achieve their vision.

Fabric lines included in the library are based across the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

In addition, LaVerne understands that there are many beautiful fabrics available that are not included in her library and is happy to work with fabrics a client may have purchased from another source.

Keep shopping until you love your fabric choices – understand the durability of various fabrics.